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RONI SBS Kit For Beretta

Same well-known RONI only with an M4 Collapsible Stock by CAA. Mostly suitable for taller shooters as the telescopic stock allows a bigger shoulder to trigger distance. Allows to mount any accessories just like any other RONI.


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The #RONI (pat-pending) will provide you with a better grip, stability, and platform which allows for the addition of many accessories. You can now use your pistol for a larger range, quicker aiming, and improved accuracy.
The new design improves integration between the pistol and the RONI. The pair now functions as one seamless unit.
Features larger gas ports which improve ventilation, allowing gases to escape quickly and reduce heat buildup.
Features a larger ejection port to eliminate jams and stove piping.
Longer upper Picatinny rail -25cm
The cocking handle is longer and tighter on the pistol’s slide.
Optional locking screws – locks the pistol even tighter and prevents quick access/installation if needed.
Includes our new #SBS stock
positions – fits every AR style commercial spec stock.
Ideal for all users and AR/M4 favors.
Subject to the minimum quantity, every RONI can be ordered in this configuration.
No gunsmith required
The pictures are for illustration purpose only.
You can upgrade your system to:
Basic Kit: Flip up Sights, One Point Sling + Swivel
Advanced Kit: Flip up Sights, One Point Sling + Swivel + Flashlight + PLS1Q (Tactical Low Profile Flashlight Mount)

Professional kit: Flip up Sights, One Point Sling + Swivel + Flashlight + PLS1Q + Bress Catcher + Case


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